ABOUT Carols At The Capitol exists to promote the true meaning of Christmas by remembering and celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus, by singing Christmas worship carols at our state capitols. In the beginning…August 14th, 2013
Sound asleep in the middle of the night on August 14th, The Lord spoke to me in a very clear and precise voice. "Andrea, enter my courts with praise!" "I do Lord. I praise you." my soul responded. I immediately recounted the names of the Lord to Him. "You are El Shaddai, YAHWEH, Elohim, The Door, I Am, The Gate, The Truth.' Again, a second time the Lord very strongly repeated His mandate. "Andrea, enter my courts with praise!" Lord, I responded, What does that look like?"
BOOM! ~ This is the beginning...I was immediately awakened and when I opened my eyes, the Lord was standing next to my bed looking down upon me. He said, "The California State Capitol is the highest court in California. Enter it's courts with Christmas worship!" "Lord, I can't call it worship", I responded in a frantic way, "They will kick me out. Calling it worship isn't politically correct!"
Then the Lord said, "It will be Christmas Carol worship. Call it Carols At The Capitol and extend the invitations to O' Come All Ye Faithful. And If you do this, it comes with a promise. I will bring you a righteous leader!"
I told the Lord I would do it. Carols At The Capitol was birthed December 14th, 2013 with 350 people in attendance.
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